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Grading and Lot Clearing


Like the foundation of your home, the ground your house sits on needs to be properly level in order to maintain the structure’s integrity. Smith Excavating, Grading & Septic Services provides professional site preparation for King Township, Tottenham, Vaughan, New Tecumseth, and surrounding areas.

Our site preparation services include:


Sometimes the property you want to build your home on is significantly uneven. Grading is a process in which we redistribute the dirt from a higher spot to a lower one in order to even it out. This process is used for a number of reasons including drainage, road building, and foundations.

Lot Clearing

When an area of property has a lot of trees and foliage and other obstructions, site or lot clearing is necessary. Our excavation equipment can easily tear through debris to clear land for construction projects. We are fully trained and qualified to handle a number of obstruction removals.


Trenching is available for laying utilities and cables, prepping for pools, and providing drainage and irrigation. Our professionals can handle trenching safely; ensuring precautionary techniques like sloping and shoring are taken to protect workers during the job.

If you need site preparation in Tottenham or the surrounding areas, contact Smith Excavating, Grading & Septic Services

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