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Septic Inspection and Maintenance


The most common cause of septic system malfunction is too much water usage, excess detergents, and grease. Proper maintenance of your septic system is the key to its longevity. If you’re in need of septic tank repair in, King Township, Tottenham, Vaughan, New Tecumseth, or the surrounding area, Smith Excavating, Grading & Septic Services has you covered. Our well-qualified technicians can address a range of septic tank problems, answering any questions you may have about maintaining the whole system. Contact us for more information.

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Tips on Maintaining Your Septic System

Pay attention to how often you run your household appliances. Try spacing out bathing and loads of laundry. Run the dishwasher during the night to give your system time to process the water load.

Other sources of water, such as water treatment and filtration systems, water softeners, furnace condensate, rain water leaders, downspouts, eavestroughs, weeping tiles, and sump pump discharges are considered to be gray water and must not be discharged to a private sewage disposal system. This is crucial to preserving the life of your system.


Buying a home with a septic system? Hiring us to do a septic inspection prior to your purchase is the most cost-effective way to ensure that the system is functioning well and that there are no warning signs of trouble. Discovering that you have purchased a home with a malfunctioning septic system that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs is not the housewarming gift you want to receive. Because we are licensed designers and installers, we have a full understanding of the entire septic system and each component in order to perform a visual inspection of the tank and tile field and provide you with a written report immediately.


Smith Excavating, Grading & Septic Services provides septic tank cleaning and pumping for our existing customers. Regular maintenance of your septic system will help to keep it running smoothly and proactively protect against damaging and costly clogs and backups into your home.

Septic tank pumping starts at $300—this includes a professional clean-out of your septic tank, cleaning of the baffle(s) and filter, visual inspection of your tank, pump and tile bed area, and the Regional Sewage Disposal fee. Our experienced technicians will be able to inform you immediately if any problems are detected and what should be done to remedy the situation.

Vacuum and sewage pump trucks we use include:

  • 1 x 3200 gallon tandem with jetter
  • 2 x 4000 gallon tri-axle B
  • 1 x 7000 gallon bulk tanker

Remember materials such as oils, grease and fat, disposable diapers, tampons and their holders, condoms, paper towels, facial tissues, cat box litter, plastics, cigarette filters, coffee grounds, eggshells, and other kitchen wastes, should never be put into the septic system. No harsh chemicals should ever be put down any drain.

Smith Excavating, Grading & Septic Services provides 24-hour emergency septic pumping services

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