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Septic System Services


A private septic system offers many advantages over traditional public sewer systems. You avoid the high cost of sewer lines, have your groundwater charged onsite, and get more potable water for use in your home and on your property. There is also less risk of contamination because old sewer lines, if left untreated, can potentially leak into the soil and contaminate groundwater. Septic systems offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative. If you’re considering septic system services in King Township or the surrounding area, turn to Smith Excavating, grading & Septic Servicess.

For more than 40 years, Smith Excavating, Grading & Septic Services has provided our King Township, Tottenham, Vaughan, New Tecumseth, and area clients with expert septic system service, with a team that includes licensed septic system designers, installers, inspectors, and service maintenance technicians. We install new systems, repair malfunctioning ones, install larger tanks and tile beds for additions, and perform inspections for real estate purchases/sales.

Septic design and installation
Real estate assessments and evaluations
Repairs to septic tank, pumps, and leaching bed
CCTV camera inspections
Municipal sewer connection
Regular septic pumping / maintenance


Building a new home – include a septic system

If you are in need of septic system repairs or would like to book a septic system installation, talk to Smith Excavating, Grading & Septic Services today. We can provide inspections and site evaluations.

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